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Learn the tools and embody the energy that will help you re-engage your purpose, passion, and power. Listen in each week as your Rebellion leaders and Mamas on a Mission, Bonnie Kelly and Jillian Bolanz, bring you soul-filled conversations to spark change, end self-sabotage, remove the masks, and make Joy the standard of living. Sister, If you are ready to dream bigger, then welcome to the revolution! We are Rebels For Joy.

Feb 25, 2020

Have you ever gotten trapped in suckiness my friend? We know we sure have! Life sometimes gets heavy and it’s during these moments (if we lack the right tools) that shape and define our experiences. But what if we could make the jump from YUCK to YEAH in 2.2 seconds flat?? Well you can, and in this episode we remind you of the 3 powerful steps to get you out of the suck and back into joy. 


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  • Shift Your Focus! From What’s Wrong towards what’s right! 
    • Attitude of gratitude
  • Find The Lesson! What can you learn from this?
    • There is an old saying: Difficulties aren’t meant to destroy us, rather so us our potential.
  • Recognize this moment is temporary 

Quote: “Where your attention goes, energy flows.”



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