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Learn the tools and embody the energy that will help you re-engage your purpose, passion, and power. Listen in each week as your Rebellion leaders and Mamas on a Mission, Bonnie Kelly and Jillian Bolanz, bring you soul-filled conversations to spark change, end self-sabotage, remove the masks, and make Joy the standard of living. Sister, If you are ready to dream bigger, then welcome to the revolution! We are Rebels For Joy.

Apr 14, 2020

Are you willing to receive this week?


One of the most powerful ways to receive joy is to create laughter. When we allow ourselves to receive joy, we drop all the drama, and we lose all the baggage. The subtle art of receiving requires us to truly tune in to what we are believing and what we say about what we believe. Does your story perpetuate what you actually want to receive?


When we aren’t willing to receive, then we are not giving into our maximum capacity. Eventually, we will run out of energy to give; allow everything to come full circle. The divine masculine wants to be the giver - he wants to set the goal and provide. The divine feminine intends to inspire and create. 


Someone decided only giving was a good thing; however, they forgot about the other half of the cycle. Are you willing to receive the amount of love that you want to put into the world? There’s a big difference between being willing to receive something and actively pushing it away.


Remember, we are all worthy of receiving. Plus, sometimes, the universe wants us to let go in order to receive more.

In this Episode:

  • All about receiving [ 2:47 ]
  • The subtle art of receiving [ 7:07 ]
  • What happens when we are not willing to receive [ 10:32 ]
  • The struggle with people-pleasing [ 13:32 ]
  • Be willing to participate in receiving [ 15:37 ]


Soul Shifting Quotes: 

  • “Receiving is part of the cycle.”
  • “We don’t look at money as an opportunity for us to receive.”
  • “Show up and receive.”
  • “Allow yourself to feel comfortable to receive wealth.”
  • “You are worthy of receiving.”


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