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Learn the tools and embody the energy that will help you re-engage your purpose, passion, and power. Listen in each week as your Rebellion leaders and Mamas on a Mission, Bonnie Kelly and Jillian Bolanz, bring you soul-filled conversations to spark change, end self-sabotage, remove the masks, and make Joy the standard of living. Sister, If you are ready to dream bigger, then welcome to the revolution! We are Rebels For Joy.

May 19, 2020

Did you learn how to cope with your emotions as a child? 

We are honored to have Evans Putman join the show. He is a coach and consultant helping purpose-driven podcasting entrepreneurs create unlimited free traffic, leads, and sales on autopilot.

Evans dives deep into his childhood – his father was not there emotionally or mentally at all. When Evans was younger, he didn’t understand what was going on – there was just no connection between the two of them. However, Evans had an amazing mother who was probably overzealous. Evans found himself in a place where he couldn’t share – he wasn’t vocal and didn’t have anyone to talk to growing up. Instead, Evans used basketball as a coping mechanism. To this day, he still uses basketball to find answers and get into the flow.

Evans was not able to cope with his emotions as a child. So, his self-esteem was never in the right place. In order to cope, Evans would go inside. Plus, he grew up in a time where men weren’t able to show their emotions. Also, in the south, you are supposed to cover up the truth with a fantastic story. Looking back now, he never understood why we couldn’t just tell the truth. Evans smoked a lot of pot and drank loads of alcohol to cope. As he got farther along in his journey, he started to punish himself by exercising nonstop. Stay tuned as Evans explains how he found his recovery and the role forgiveness can play.

In this Episode:

  • [ 2:00 ] About Evans Putman
  • [ 7:00 ] Evans tells his story
  • [ 22:45 ] How Evans found recovery
  • [ 30:00 ] How forgiveness plays a role in recovery


Joy Filling Quotes: 

  • “Be authentic.”
  • “I took the time to focus on myself first.”
  • “I focus on gratitude, meditation, water, and exercise.”
  • “I need to treat myself the way I treat my daughter.”
  • “Remember to forgive yourself.”



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